Read xml File Using SAX Parser

sax parser

SAX programmer is that the most ordinarily used xml programmer in Java once DOM, not like DOM Sax doesn't hundreds the XML into memory before parsing it, nor it creates any variety of object from XML. SAX could be a more sensible choice to break down xml's with massive size. SAX uses some recall strategies to break down and browse the xml consequently. It uses 3 recall strategies listed below : startElement() : anytime a SAX programmer gets a gap tag '< ', it calls  startElement() and … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review


Hello, Samsung has launched its new device, Samsung Galaxy S5 , a continuation of its Galaxy S series. S5 is prices at 51k INR (Rs. 51,000). Keep Reading to know about its specifications and much more. S5’s Display& Design: This smartphone serves a set of new design in terms of back panel, it is available in four range of colors to choose from. And also optional back panel design according to users’ demand. S5 is a 5.1 inch device having Super-AMOLED Screen with a HD Resolution of … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Learn Java Programming Language in 2014


With so many new programming languages such as PHP, Python, Perl, having established their fan base for various unique features that they offer, the debate about Java being the best language has become all the more livid. Despite all the cynics raising brows over the usefulness of learning Java, there are plenty of reasons to ensure that getting trained in Java is not a bad decision after all. It’s been a bit more than two decades since Java was invented by its founder James Gosling. Ever … [Read more...]

How to EnrichYour TechKnowledge with Degree in MCA

How to EnrichYour TechKnowledge with Degree in MCA IT sector has registered massive transformation over the period of time. With new technologies developing and substituting the old ones, demand for technically updated professionalstends to surge. Witnessingthe IT reformation, students from the technical backgroundshow their strong inclination towards MCA courses and strive to pursue a career in it.           Though IT sector rapidly grows to unveil … [Read more...]

Scope of jsp objects

Page   ‘page’ setting suggests, the JSP item may be used just through inside the similar webpage exactly where it had been designed. This default setting pertaining to JSP materials constructed with <jsp: useBean> tag is webpage. JSP implicit materials available, exception to this rule, response, pageContext, config and webpage have got ‘page’ setting.   Request   Any JSP item constructed with the ‘request’ setting may be used through just about any webpages of … [Read more...]